Under 9s 1996 ~ under 16s 2003/04

Thanks to all of forty plus lads who played for us between 1996 and 2004, during which time we've had a mixture of mostly memorable and a few not so memorable moments. Whilst for most of the eight years we were a mid table outfit, we were usually capable of giving the best teams in our age group a run for their money. Over the period we actually beat every team we played at some stage (except for the all conquering Huncoat).

Special thanks go to Jim Green for help in training and running the line on numerous occasions, Ian Nugent for taking down the nets for donkey's years......regardless of the weather conditions, and Graeme Monk for his help over a number of seasons. Particular recognition also goes to our long service players...Andy Green, Danny Flynn, Andy Hext, Ben Smith, James Robinson, Karl Andrews, Jack Brown, Peter Nugent and Jason Sharples (partly with Lewy's team).

Good luck to you all for the future and best wishes from Mark Pickup and Brian Smith.

PS...do you recognise the background????

 9s.....Wilsons, March 97 10s...Amsterdam Arena, April 98 10s....Almerestad, April 98 11s....Peel Park, Nov 98
11s....Mem Park, Jan 99 11s....Maastricht, April 99 11s....Mem Park, May 99 12s (+11s)....Mem Park, May 00
13s....Brantfell, Dec 00 13s(+14s)....Brabantia, Apr 01 13s....Mem Park, May 01 14s....Townfield new kit, Oct 01
14s....Northcote, Nov 01 14s(+13s)....Oirschot, Apr 02 15s....Wilsons, Nov 02 16s....last game, Wilsons, Feb 04