Under 10s White 2005 / 2006 ~ penned "Tomo"

11 Sept Gr white V Acct Stan Red
Harwood 3 star winners
This game great game for the the neutral as the was end to end Haywood first to get off the mark, Stanley getting the equaliser in quick time, but Haywood heads never drop always working hard for the next break, K,Nixon broke to score his second of the match on another day he could have scored his hat-trick.Stanley did have their chances as did Haywood but great keeping by (Haywood) B Cockier saved the day with save after save there was even a double save in there somewhere, Excellent display by all the team for hard work and team play and lets not forget the win over Acct final score Gr 3 Acct 1
18Th Sept Gr  White V Osw Rangers
Ossy Hit for six
Harwoods all round performance was a delight to watch, so to was MOTM J, Tiffin has he bagged 5 great goals; All shots having to much power for the ossy keeper, the team holding the ball up well and working together as a tight unit. Shrugging off Ossy defence with ease it`s a wonder the score was`nt more K.Nixon scored to make it six on another day he could have got more but his work rate can not be questioned for today's game has he hit the woodwork & keeper making fine saves to keep his score tally down.Good engine.
Re-arranged one night in Sept Mellor Blue V Ghr White 
Harwood show below form (night match 6:00 k/o)  
Mellor had done their homework, Harwood never got out of first gear Mellor scoring first, Harwood came back with a goal. then we went 2 -1 up then a third goal we looked as tho we were on for the third win on the trot that was until we scored again but this time in are own net, Lack lust defending the ref not knowing how long to play the game cost us the game as Mellor got a third, to be fair i think the result was probably fair as both teams look equal on the night. 
25 Th Sep 05
Harwood unbeaten in four
Harwood put three past Accy Stanley 2ND team and keeps us top for another seven Days, Defender C.Downey first to score with his first of the season. K,Nixon slotted home the second, his third was stunning a dipping shot over the keeper. L.Thompson hit the bar twice J,Tiffin was also unlucky but worked hard in defence always look a threat when he pushed forward, as all three in defence pulled together to keep Accy at bay. L,Anderson missed a golden opportunity to make it four but the bounce just taking the ball away from him. All the team fantastic today 10/10.
2 Nd Oct 05
Harwood lose to Akzo
This was always going to be a hard game,and with our stand in keeper L.Anderson who did make some good saves,but we would have liked him to play in defence,as a few stray passes fell to Akzo to let them back into the game.After they took the lead Harwood pulled it back with J.Tiffin 1-1 at half time.In the second half harwood started well getting the second through passing and linking up well,K.Nixon 2-1.Akzo pulled it back to 2-2 the harwood put two more away F Anwyl ,LHanson MOTM.Akzo came back to make 4-5 scoring three in the last 3 mins.Harwood losing but still played some great football.Good game for both teams.
9 Th Oct 05
Harwood back on top
Coming from behind twice Harwood showed true committment today, hat-trick hero & captian L,Hason got off his  first after beach went ahead,his second goal came with minutes of beach scoring their second. A strike from outside the box the keeper had no chance, he linked up well with K,Nixon who put two goals away today with power and accurate finishing.K,Nixon & L,Hason are playing well together.L,Hanson third came in the dying minutes a shot through a crowded box but it found its way to the back of the net. 
Final Score Beach 2 Ghr 5 
23 Th Nov 05
Come on Harwood
With key players missing today and taking the lead witin in minutes of the k/off, Harwood looked on course for another victory. Osw Marys were to be ? for their game plan as they put ghr to the test Osw 2-1 up with a long way to go to full time. As always the lads heads never dropped and kept working towards the next goal and when it came well the rest was easy as Osw team spirit was rocked by the ever advancing Harwood. As the Manager i have nothing but praise for these lads.
L,Hanson 2 K,Nixon 2 L,Thompson 1and with is head
Final score Osw 2 Ghr 5  Come on the HOOPS. 
6 Th Nov 05
Lammack hit for six by the goal machine.
History put on its head as this fixture last season was Lammack 6 Ghr 1 anyway back to the future, Lammack win the toss. Lammack take the the centre, before i had zipped up my bench jacket K,Nixon had won the ball danced round all of Lammack defence and slotted home. L,Hanson put away the 2nd with a low left foot drive. Lammack awarded a penulty and coverting. Ghr defence were all outstanding today J,Tiffin always looked in control. A, Wallis never put a foot wrong, and C,Downey went one better with scoring from his own half a carbon copy of Beckham`s goal.
K,Nixon surge down the left squaring the ball deflecting off the keeper for F,Anwyl to slot home off the re bound. K,Nixon got on the score sheet again by chasing the ball down, kept it in play taking it round lammacks defence to slot home with a neat finish. The lad is a star in the making, Lammack awarded another but harsh penulty but this time hitting the woodwork they did sorce again but this was only to be a consolation goals as Ghr cruise to another well earned victory.
Hat trick K,Nixon 3 L,Hanson 1 C,Downey 1 F, Anwyl
Final score Lammack 2 GHR 6 
13 Th Nov 05
Dropped points
This weeks game was one i need to forget, after putting 6 away last week and only putting two away this week but one in the wrong net. The team under estimated Mellor as they shut us down well. We were 1 up for most of the game but lady luck was not riding with us to toady, in the dying mins we put the ball in are own net, as we did in are first game with them.Credit were its due for the mellor side as they worked really
hard today.
L,Hanson 1 OG 1
Final score Ghr 1 Mellor 1