A solid performance saw the under 9s Tigers  pick up where they left off the previous week. Against a young Accoutre side who had their keeper to thank for keeping the score down the Tigers were able to dictate play and scored the opener after five minutes when Patrick O'Brien took Jordan Dunn's pass in his stride before finishing well. The hoped for flood gates didn't open and it was with two minutes left of the first half that Harwood increased the lead when Luke Kimberley who had just come on as sub scored with his first touch. What an inspired substitution  (the managers sometimes get it right). The Tigers continued to press but poor finishing and excellent goalkeeping denied them. A further substitution saw the return of Jordan Dunn and some clever play between Patrick O'Brien and Jordan Dunn saw the ball laid back by Patrick O'Brien to Andrew Bower who crashed the ball in from the edge of the box to put the tigers firmly in control at three nil. This turned out to be the final score and was a well deserved win.

The under 14s made light work of Readstone on a Subuteo sized pitch at Roefield. The 6-0 victory saw Rovers climb to the top of the table for the first time in many a year. A number of  teams immediately below have games in hand, but who cares !!!!!!! 

The Under 18s had drawn Hindsford Juniors, one of the best teams in the West Manchester League, in the Lancashire Football Cup. Starting out with a 4-4-2 defensive formation it soon became apparent that they played the long ball game, after a shaky twenty minutes the defence settled down to take measures against the oppositions style 
of play. Captain, David (sparrow legs) Anwar set the example by scoring a collectors item of a goal with a 25 yard strike from a bad clearance. Hindsford then came back into the game when Richard (butterfingers) Law Riding failed to keep hold of a shot and the attacker just bundled it in. 

The Under 18s were under a lot of pressure and Richard redeemed himself with some excellent goal keeping. The attackers were struggling to beat the offside trap which Hindsford used, the break finally came when Usman Ahmed sprinted through to cross for David (I wish Id never said rare goal) Kemp to hit home to make it 2-1. Hindsford in true cup fashion made it 2-2 just before half time. With the formation changed to an attacking 4-3-3 at half time the Under18s came out and looked the better side.  Steven (Teddy Sheringham) Scurlock came on to replace Andy Bennett and scored almost with his first touch. With goals from Matt Mercer and Steven Scurlock disallowed by some disputed offside decisions and only minutes to the end of normal time Hindsford went on to equalise. From the kick off the Under 18s attacked straight away getting into the oppositions area, Matt Mercer was dragged to the floor by the keeper , Steven (will you take it Anwar) Scurlock stepped up to take the penalty, as Steven (ohh my toe) Marsden had gone off injured. (What again?) to be replaced by new boy Paul Wilson.

The tension mounted, seconds left on the clock to full time, the score at 3-3, this penalty kick could put the Under 18s through to the next round. At this stage I'd like to apologise to the people who live in the house on Brantfell Road opposite pitch two for any shock or distress caused as the ball rocketed into their garden from above tree level. 
Extra time is now being played. The first half of extra time was played out with no real intent to score by either team, each team waiting for the other to make a mistake Danny (of Bertie Bee Fame) was stung by a wasp (or was it an interested female bee). In the second half of extra time, with a penalty shoot out looming both teams lifted the tempo. The extra training that the Under 18s had undertaken showed through. Danny (obviously being chased by a bee or wasp) went on a run down the right wing, His shot on goal somewhat weak, as in the end it just bobbled towards the keeper who put his foot out to stop it ( Time for a You’ve been framed moment) he missed it and it went under his foot into the goal. For the last ten minutes it was the Usman (floats like a butterfly) Ahmed show as skipped, danced and weaved down the left wing leaving the defender not knowing where he was and praying for the game to end. The final whistle came, final score 4-3, David (stings like a bee, he's one) Kemp deservedly the Man of the Match (has he been near Danny Smith). Thanks to Hindsford for being worthy opponents and making it a wonderful display of football.